WP7 Dissemination, liaison and exploitation

The main objectives of this WP were to:

• create and maintain a project Communication and Dissemination Plan

• create tools, materials and media for communication

• disseminate project results to all related stakeholders involving different communication channels to reach the largest possible audience

• disseminate and promote exploitation of the Amitran technical and scientific achievements

• establish effective communication and liaison with other relevant projects and national initiatives within Europe and outside Europe (US, Japan)

• produce for the ITS community an on-line checklist and handbook as a reference to set-up the validation framework to be used for assessing the contribution of ITS measures for reducing CO2 emission


D7.1   Project presentation and factsheet  


D7.3   Dissemination and communication plan (including D7.2 Website) - Submitted to EC 

This deliverable defines the overall strategy, timetable and procedures for Amitran dissemination activities. It also defined the various target groups to be reached and the various communications channels used to reach them. It served as the reference for all dissemination activities and procedures to be developed during the project lifetime.

 The deliverable D7.2 dedicated to the Amitran website has been added to this document in the Annex B.

D7.4-1   Initial Project brochure 

D7.4-2 Amitran Update - Project Newsletter (October 2013)

D7.4-3 Amitran Update - Project Newsletter (June 2014)

D.7.4-4 Final project brochure (September 2014)

 D7.5   Plan for using and disseminating knowledge (confidential deliverable)

This report describes the dissemination and communications activities carried out, the key results from the project and how each of the project partners plan to disseminate and user the results during and after the project.


D7.6   Online checklist and guidance for assessing ITS measures contribution to reduce CO2 emissions

 Amitran Checklist summary, aimed at higher level and non-expert users, which summarises the ten steps in the Amitran methodology.

 Online checklist and guidance on the Knowledge Base, aimed at modelling and ITS experts who will carry out assessments for CO2.



Amitran final brochure

This publication summarises the outputs of the project and provides hints on how to use them.

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Amitran Checklist

The Amitran Checklist provides guidance for assessing the impact of ITS on CO₂ emissions.

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