Validation of impact assessment methodology

Validation tasks compared Amitran's results with those from selected research projects dealing with ITS. Evaluation of the methodology was done by means of a validation plan and finally by executing the plan in order to determine the usefulness of the methodology in comparison to the initial situation. An impact assessment was then performed using the methodology developed in WP5 to demonstrate the effects of ITS on CO2 emissions, energy efficiency, driver behaviour, and traffic flow.


D6.1 Amitran Validation Plan (approved)

This document describes the development of a validation strategy for the Amitran project, a common approach to the process of validation and a common framework for measuring performance indicators.

Amitran_D6_2_Evaluation results – 5.4MB (approved)

Describes the implementation of the use cases for validation, the testing process with stakeholders, the evaluation of the addressed questionnaires, and finally the conclusions derived from this analysis.


Amitran D6.3 Impact Assessment (draft submitted to EC)

Describes the results of the impact assessment of the Amitran concept regarding driver behaviour, traffic efficiency, energy saving of vehicles, environment and safety.


Amitran D6.4 Economic Analysis guidelines for ITS - methodology for conducting CBA and CEA for ITS measures (draft submitted to EC)

Provides the guidelines to carry out a Cost-Benefit Analysis (CBA) and Cost-Effectiveness Analysis (CEA) of advanced ITS options based on outcomes from the Amitran methodology.

Amitran final brochure

This publication summarises the outputs of the project and provides hints on how to use them.

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Amitran Checklist

The Amitran Checklist provides guidance for assessing the impact of ITS on CO₂ emissions.

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