ITS impacts typology

ITS have an increasing impact on transport and the environment. To guide their development towards the overall aim of a sustainable mobility and a thriving ITS market at the same time, it is crucial to understand their impacts.

 This work package developed a typology of ITS, based on the specific ITS-applications, their use in transport processes and the affected parameters in the modelling process stages.

The outcomes are different categories with templates for the modelling framework in WP4 which the models can access for quantifying the impact on CO2 emissions by the specific ITS application.

In addition to the requirement for WP4, this ITS categorisation provides public authorities with a tool to foster ITS development and deployment guided by their purpose and effects particularly on CO2 emissions, and it provides industry with the means to devise their strategy along the same lines.


D3.1 Methodology for classification of ITS (approved)

This deliverable describes the analysis of impacts ITS exert on transport processes and CO2 emissions. All relevant ITS in the scope of Amitran are identified, described, grouped and qualitatively assessed. The qualitative assessment prepares the development of the Amitran methodology and gives an impression of the relevance of systems for changes in CO2 emissions.

Amitran D3.2 Test cases for validation and verification (approved)

This deliverable reports on the validation and verification of the Amitran methodology by using test cases. For each test case the different steps in the methodology are described, including the choices that are being made and the ‘path’ that is followed through the methodology. From the test cases a generalisation to all system categories is made, and the sub-categorisation of systems is improved and aligned with the modelling approach.


Amitran final brochure

This publication summarises the outputs of the project and provides hints on how to use them.

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Amitran Checklist

The Amitran Checklist provides guidance for assessing the impact of ITS on CO₂ emissions.

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