WP2 User needs and use cases

The aim of Amitran was to develop a framework for evaluation of the effects of ICT measures in traffic and transport on energy efficiency and CO2 emissions. This contributes to the development of ICT solutions that allow more efficient multi-modal transport of goods and passenger mobility. In order to make Amitran a useful and successful methodology, the needs of potential users were identified. This was the objective of Work Package 2 and its outcome is described in this deliverable. 



D2.1 Framework Requirements Definition (aproved)

This deliverable contains the description of the user needs assessment and the conclusions drawn for Amitran. The user needs assessment is based on a workshop, an online survey, and interviews with selected stakeholders. Derived requirements are summarised and related to the subsequent work packages.


Amitran final brochure

This publication summarises the outputs of the project and provides hints on how to use them.

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Amitran Checklist

The Amitran Checklist provides guidance for assessing the impact of ITS on CO₂ emissions.

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