Amitran Guidance Wiki and Knowledge Base now online


The Amitran Wiki site is now available at

This provides the project’s outputs in an easy to use way and serves as a reference tool to guide users through the Amitran methodology in order to perform assessments.

It comprises a checklist which is a step-by-step guide through the process, as well as more technical information. It includes links to the model interfaces developed by Amitran and also the statistical knowledge base for scaling up.

We would appreciate your feedback on this first version of the guidance wiki site.

If you are able to have a comprehensive look around the wiki site and familiarise yourself with it, we invite you to complete a short questionnaire at this link:

Apart from basic factual questions on the type of organisation you represent and your role, there are 3 pages with 5 or 6 questions on each page (17 questions in total), all of which are multiple choice questions inviting to give your opinion (from strongly disagree to strongly agree) to a range of statements. Text comments are optional but very much welcomed. There are also optional sections at the end of the questionnaire in case you have used the Model interfaces, Scaling up methodology or the Cost Benefits Analysis (CBA) / Cost Effectiveness Analysis (CEA) guidance.


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