AMITRAN ICT-Emissions Exploitation Group workshop

- Brussels, Belgium


ICT-Emissions aims at developing a comprehensive methodology to assess the impacts of road transport related ICT measures on energy consumption, and CO2 emissions by taking into account the real-world driving and traffic behaviour in urban environments.

The project will simulate the impact of a series of ICT measures by implementing commercial traffic models at the micro (car-passenger level) and macro scales. Particular emphasis is given to new vehicle technologies with increasing popularity in the coming years (i.e. hybrid, electric vehicles, etc). including advanced vehicle technologies (hybrids, plug-in hybrids, electric, start-stop, etc.).

Nowadays, the innovative combination of traffic, driver behaviour, and emission models produces a versatile toolbox that can help simulating the impact on energy and CO2 emissions of infrastructure measures (i.e. traffic management systems, dynamic traffic signs, etc.), driver assistance systems and ecosolutions (i.e. speed/cruise control, start/stop systems, etc.) or a combination of measures (i.e cooperative systems).

The scope of ICT-Emission is to promote a wider up take of the most appropriate ICT measures that can lead to significant energy saving and CO2 emissions reduction from road transport.

The Exploitation Group workshop will look at the energy and emissions modeling approach developed in ICT-Emissions, including the selection of ICT measures for assessing their impact on CO2 emissions. The ICT-emissions methodology will be confronted with the methodology developed in the AMITRAN and ECOSTAND projects which are running in parallel.

The workshop is free to attend and is open to public authorities, stakeholders from the automotive industry, OEMs, ITS and ICT providers. Download the agenda here.

For more information, please contact Dr Florinda Boschetti.

Amitran final brochure

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